Live life, wild and free.

Gypsy Code

Life is changing for me, in a ways that no one but me understands.

I am moving from Bend, Or to Fountain, Co with my best friend Jill and her husband. I am a yoga teacher who owns a gypsy soul, feeling the need to explore and roam. This is my anthem, this is my mantra. I love this quote because it’s exactly what I need in life. Recently, I just walked away from a short and an intense relationship. I thought I had met my soul mate, I thought I met the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my lifetime with..

Well that obviously didn’t happen. I won’t explain too much to save face but lets just say when you move in with someone you are dating, you witness the demons that they try and hide. We all have demons. However, I have noticed my light can shine too brightly on the darkness in peoples souls which causes stress from exposing those demons. I am glad that I walked away and also glad for the experience to recognize that I cannot fix everyone. I can help those who need my help. This relationship was the push I needed to get the FUCK out of Bend, OR.

So here I am.. I moved all my things out of the house in 1 1/2 hours. I am currently living out of a bright green backpack, staying with various friends, and I just decided my next step… Fountain, CO where my best friend lives. I have been wanting to move for years. Two years ago I even researched this town because I know yoga, spirituality and marijuana is pretty kick ass within this region.

Fountain, CO is where I am going to take my business, GypsyYoga. I am going to spread the peace and love I have and absorb the wisdom from others. I want to work in a dispensary, be a BUDtedner and practice yoga. Share enlightenment from my own perspective.

I am going to follow my passion and my dream, allow my gypsy soul run wild and free!

I dedicate this blog to those I am leaving behind. To those who are interested in my life adventure. I will share new posts on Facebook but here is where I will write my heart out. The struggles, fear, love, excitement and all the experiences that I will pursue. This is the door to my new life, my future. This is where I will leave my past, leave the sadness and pain I have endured throughout the years. Use those experiences to discover myself and what I am meant to do.

I also hope to dedicate this blog to those who are on the same path. To those who want to share inspiration and empathy for the life we live. Or even people who want to change the minor things in their life in order to become more present in the current moment.

All I want is to provide space for others.

I am at the library, waiting for my friend Kaylee to get off work. I am going to research this town while I wait.

Until next time.

Namaste sweet souls.


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