The Journey of a Mermaid


Warning; Language of a whiskey drinking Irish sailor lies ahead…


**Proceed with caution; this first post is long, my sincerest apologies. **

“What the hell are you doing writing a fucking blog?”


I think this would be the common response I would get from many of the people that reside within my community. I live in a micro-brew mountain town in the heart of Central Oregon. I am 25 years old and I work in a sex/lingerie/smoke shop that caters mostly to woman and horny stoners. I also work as a bartender and cocktail waitress at a dance club… In other words, I get 21 year old future-alcoholic-community-college-drop-outs white girl wasted on a weekly basis. After financial aide is figured out, I will also be returning to Oregon State University for Psychology. Yoga and medical marijuana has kept me out of jail (Just kidding, I am a good girl 😉 I am just a little crazy). I have a black lab named Lola, who loves me unconditionally. Art is fucking therapeutic. Hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and going on adventures make my life complete. I have blue hair, many tattoos and no fucks for those who judge that.


So why am I writing a blog?


My life has always been chaos. Even when I think it’s normal, it’s fucking not.


I have recently gone through some pretty intense shit. I want to better my life and purge the negative energy.


This blog is about detox.


I am 21 days sober (from alcohol, remember: weed=fantastic). I have been a raging alcoholic for the past few months and its just lead to a chain of events that may have been avoided if I had not been so intoxicated in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I love the booze, I just need to find some fucking control. So this blog will be covering my journey, hopefully give others hope and insight, as well as expanding my own knowledge a well.


This blog is about food.


I am also trying to detox from chemical laden fake foods and learn how to show my body love through nutrition. I enjoy cooking different ethnic dishes so I will also be sharing recipes I come across and create. Baking for my loved ones is one of my favorite things to do and using THC makes it so much better!!!


This blog is about creativity.


I am trying to save money and will be staying away from our town’s popular so-called bar scene. Therefor, I will be spending a lot of time in my apartment. has proven to be very entertaining and has helped inspire my “creativity”, or at least my copycat abilities at following directions and my humorous interpretation of it.


This blog is about fitness and weight loss.


Yoga has changed my life in more than one way. Fitness and being in shape has always been apart of my life. I want to be able to hold myself accountable for my health and writing about tips and even different experiences I have encountered will help me stay on track. I am not fucking perfect and there are many reasons why I am thriving to achieve my goals. I hope to aspire others as hell.


This blog is about a single 20-something year old independent women.


I have always jumped to relationship to relationship. Usually, I am in committed long-term companionship. I married my high school sweetheart at 19, which ended in heartache after 7 years (5 dating, 2 marriage). Then, I engaged in a few one year and two year childish relationships. Since I have been single, I have been desperately been searching for articles that are directed for single women. I want to spend as much of my 20’s doing me. I feel that the rest of my 20’s are for myself and that my 30’s are for finding love. However, this may change because The Universe works in tricky ways. Regardless, I want to write about love, companionship, learning to function alone (AKA: learning how to do man shit as a woman), and even the quest for true love. When I speak of true love, I will refer self as well as in another human spirit. Romantic or not.


This is a blog about life recreation.


Honestly, this blog is about real life shit from a perspective of a damaged soul of the quest of bettering my life and help those around me.


Please feel free to follow and comment. I will ignore negative comments, and only embrace loving positive words.


Namaste my beloved friends.



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